Compliance Scorecard

  • The compliance scorecard gives your organization a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished and by whom on your team to meet the levels of compliance required.

Cloud Initiatives

  • Migration strategies
  • business continuity / disaster recovery
  • Growing Internet Presence
  • Archival / storage
  • Technology transformation
  • Flexibility and scalability of core services
  • Virtualization techniques and best practices

Operational Readiness

  • Operations management
  • Incident response, service request, fulfillment, and information workflow
  • Defect elimination and continuous improvement
  • Systems and tools review


  • Cost containment and contract management
  • Hardware, software, and services
  • Bandwidth, infrastructure, and network maintenance
  • OPEX / CAPEX Review
  • Right Sizing
  • Vendor Management


  • Workflow Planning
  • Career development objectives
  • Cultural transformation and leadership training
  • Contract labor management


  • C-Level engagement, planning, and discussion
  • Aligning company objectives with technology initiatives
  • Communicating gaps and holes in systems, tool, applications, and personnel
  • Protection of branding and services


  • Drive compliance initiatives (PCI,HIPPA, etc)
  • Asset identification and protection
  • Governance of applications, systems, information, assets, and people
  • Risk assessment, mitigation, and policy

Reporting & Analytics

  • Internet and web presence
  • ERP's, Financial systems, core applications
    • Functionality, stability, use-ability
  • Business objectives and software development
  • Requirement gathering / solutions delivery
  • Reporting, business analytics and intelligence


  • Architecture plan and objectives
    • Data, video, voice, network, wireless, and mobile
  • On-premise systems and cloud services

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