Our Approach

We strive to provide Cyber Compliance clarity through a personal touch philosophy of building strong personal and business relationships at a Cx/Owner level. It is our mission to inform and educate senior leadership of risks, gaps, and strategies around security and technology that will protect intellectual property, company data, and sensitive information.

Our Story

Compliance CIO was founded out of necessity to meet the Cyber-Security and Compliance demands for SMB Markets. After many years of working at the enterprise level, the founders realized that the need to be compliant and secure was just as important to the SMB market as it was the Enterprise. However, it was not affordable. For this reason, Compliance CIO was created to meet the demand of those seeking to have C Level technology direction without the C-Level costs.

The Team

Our team is about assuring the integrity of all your technology functions. We understand what it means to protect and secure your data. And it doesn’t stop with just Data Integrity. Integrity is at our core values and the fundamental principle of our foundation.

Matt Brady

CEO / CIO / Managing Partner

Matt has 25-years experience helping meet customers' needs with technical solutions. As a business owner of a technology company himself for the last 14 years, he recognizes the need for Compliance and Security in a digital world. His innovative thinking and creativity has provided technology solutions for 1,000’s of customers. Matt is loyal and works long hours on behalf of those that rely on him. He is a key player in the Utah Silicon Slopes movement and is very plugged in to the State Department of Economic Development.

Sander Sharp

CIO / Managing Partner

Sander has managed hundreds of technology projects during his 25-year career from many IT disciplines including ERP implementations, on-premise infrastructure improvements, cloud deployment, security improvements, development, and mobile technology deployments. He has managed consultants, front-end and back-end developers, database administrators, hardware experts, and help-desk personnel. Several of his direct reports have told him he is the best manager they have worked with in their careers.

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